adopt a family picADOPT-A-FAMILY

The Adopt a Family program was designed to motivate and inspire single mothers!  Although we promote the traditional family structure statistic prove that the number of single parent homes, especially in inner cities, has increased at an alarming rate.  In order to be of service for the community at large, the Adopt a Family program later became a source of assistance for entire households, regardless of structure.  New Life Fellowship not only provides economic assistance to families, but we also assist with job placement, housing, child care and parental counseling.

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varnado pic


During Hurricane Katrina many focused on the popular parishes and forgot about the neighboring counties that needed equal or more assistance.  We’d visited with hundreds of families in Houston, delivering necessities, when I received word from a Radio Announcer in Baton Rouge.  I was assured that we would be allowed to visit the Mini Dome if we returned to Louisiana where we’d been already.  The Mini Dome had become temporary housing for over 6,000 displaced families.  While at the Dome I met an older gentleman named Mr. Charles Harper. 

He told me he was from a neighboring parish and was on his way to Mississippi to escape the storm when he found himself right in the middle of it.  He was concerned about his home, Varnado, a small village in Washington Parish with a population of 342 citizens.  Mr. Harper made me promise to go and be a blessing to his family and friends.  His community had been overlooked in the past when struck with inclement weather similar to what they had just experienced.  We still had a loaded truck that would prove to be a blessing to Varnado.  When we arrived a day later, the entire area looked like a war zone; it was pure devastation for lack of better words.  We pulled in front of the neighborhood Baptist church where we met a wonderful servant, Reverend Cotton.  In no time we were swamped and people came from everywhere needing assistance.  It was indeed a blessing to be a blessing!  We adopted that Parish and call it a second home to this day!  A few years later we received the Theologian Award while we were in Houston.  We dedicated and gave it to Rev. Cotton for his tireless sacrifice in the City of Varnado.

-Pastor John P. Kee

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bysid pic

BYSID Ministry

Many couples agree to marriage before truly understanding its covenant purpose and/or meaning.  This wonderful ministry was designed to teach couples core relationship principles before they confess a lifelong commitment to each other. Although marriage is instituted and regulated by God, it is vitally important to have some pre-marital counseling before you say "I do!"  BYSID is a ministry is taught by several seasoned ministerial couples within our church body.  Our pastor carefully assigns Counselors to each participating couple.  This has not only been insightful and fruitful for the new couples but it has helped strengthen the marriages of the Counselors.

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rayless project pic


When I was young it was a joy to receive clothes and shoes handed down from my older siblings!  My brother, Wayne, was 6 years older than I but his shoes were a welcomed delight!  However, the joy of a new pair of tennis shoes put a pep in my step.  Though they were purchased from the Discount store, it didn't matter; they were brand new!  I felt even more motivated to go to school and that enthusiasm became apparent through my study habits.  At least once a year we provide Inner City youth a pair of new shoes with hopes that it will provide the same type of fulfillment and inspiration!

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kingdom league pic KINGDOM LEAGUE

The Kingdom League is a vision realized!  The League was designed to teach young kids fundamental life skills through the game of basketball.  We encourage both men and women in our Fellowship to assemble youth within their local community to participate as a team.  Coaches have leadership roles on the court but they are also encouraged to serve as mentors, connecting the game to the real world.  At the end of the season all participants are recognized at the Kingdom League banquet.

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project first step PROJECT FIRST STEP

Although 2013 brought economic challenges to our nation’s economy, our Pastor continued to teach the importance of supernatural faith!  We've discovered that under the teaching of our house, the faith of Gods people elevated to what we call "Level-Next!" This has prompted our Partakers to step out and become new Property and Business owners. Project First Step is run by Members of the Covenant family that work in the field of finance.  Bankers, Seasoned Business Owners, Realtors, Car salesmen, Loan officers and CPA's, to name a few, hold quarterly workshops and offer personal counseling sessions to equip members with the essential tools to make wise investments.

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hurricane andrew pic 2hurricane andrew pic


In 1992 we witnessed the devastation of Hurricane Andrew!  Classified as a Category 5 hurricane when it reached Florida, many were displaced and overwhelmed by this storm following the evacuation of almost 1.2 million people in the states' affected areas.  Although it was 726 miles away we were compelled to go immediately to the devastated area of Miami.  I was raised by a grandma that taught us real love is exemplified by your actions.  My National career had gotten off to a great start and Miami played a pivotal role in my success.  I got a huge break when the late Reverend James Cleveland allowed me to teach at the Gospel Music Workshop of America.  This gave us great notoriety in the Miami, Dade County area.  So how could we sit back with our many recourses and not be a part of the ministry I knew would take place?   Without an invite we, The New Life Community Choir, packed our bus and loaded up a few trucks and headed to Florida. 

It was so rewarding.  While some of the agencies played politics we were able to move in and be a blessing to the people of God.  We unloaded trucks, fed families and sang songs of hope and encouragement.  I'll never forget standing in a large circle of people that had literally lost everything belting out "Jesus Is Real" and seeing God Move like only He can...

~Pastor John P. Kee
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partaker relief pic


The Partaker Relief Program is a program designed by our Pastor with the purpose of giving back to the community.  It stands on the promise of Isaiah 54:17 where the word teaches "We are the Heritage of The Lord."  This principle does not serve to depict believers as being better than those that are unbelievers but it absolutely illustrates that, as a believer, you have access to miracles because of what you stand upon.  Funds designated for this program have paid mortgages, utility bills, and been used in a host of other ways to show Fellowship Appreciation!  When gas prices began to soar, Pastor Kee gave out approximately 2000 gold chips with a pass code and a service location. He strategically placed Partakers at the location to pump free gas into the vehicles of the recipients while also showing love and giving free gas to those that inquire about the program. This is one of his favorite programs and it teaches that the believer should always walk, daily, in the spirit of expectation.

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Operation Compassion is a hands-on ministry that targets those challenged with HIV/AIDS.  It is one of our core missions to care for those who are living with the disease as well as those who walk alongside them.  Our Pastor teaches “God loves the sick—He loves the HIV-positive.”  We put this love into action through our Operation Compassion Association (OCA).  OCA frequently provides free HIV testing during major church NLFC events.  They also team up with local community programs and other New Life ministries to impact Mecklenburg and
surrounding counties.

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boys to men pic


Among the known challenges of Urban Youth today, they are faced with many influences and distractions.  I believe the church has an obligation to combat some of these distractions by offering a clear alternative to what the streets have to offer!  Our Boys to Men Ministry provides a platform for young men to discuss issues normally never mentioned in a church setting.  This allows us to give them quality instruction and spiritual guidance while giving the counselors a glimpse of what we face outside the Household of Faith!  It’s a Win-Win platform!

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30 Americans die of gun violence each day in our country!  I discovered that, unfortunately, a lot of these deaths were taking place in our neighborhood.  I began a Guns for Gift Cards Program in 2009.  To date we’ve taken more guns off the street than the local Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.              Due to of the volume of guns we receive, it’s a challenge and a risk.  But when we look back, it’s a risk worth taking!  We truly believe our efforts are making a huge difference in our community!  Instead of complaining about the problem we chose to DO something!

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This ministry has been broken down into three dimensions:

A)     We provide counseling and minor legal assistance for first time offenders and their parents/caregivers as they navigate through the Court System.

B)      We provide financial assistance to the families of incarcerated single parents and offer counseling for their children.

C)      We counsel returning citizens during their transition into society in an effort to spiritually, mentally, and emotionally equip them to lead a positive lifestyle.

Job placement, the One Step Program and other church initiatives are also provided for moral, spiritual and financial support.

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This unique program immediately gets the attention of those who choose to turn their lives around.  Pastor Kee is able to use his personal testimony to assure them that deliverance can take place.  A comfortable platform is established and incorporates concepts of responsibility, respect, and personal connection.  It creates a brotherhood of accountability and trust that many members have never experience on the street, establishing respect on both sides of the table.  Respect is absolutely necessary in order to generate conversation about redirecting ways of thinking for a productive and positive future.  Familiarity with the language and attitude of the lifestyle affords Pastor Kee access to their way of thinking so he can meet participants right where they are.  The success rate of this program is incredible!  We are able to take the misguided entrepreneurial spirit and give them Kingdom alternatives.

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Ethel's House is located in Charlotte and serves as a 24- to 72-hour Safe House for battered women and children.  The facility is used as a temporary emergency shelter until the proper networks are established to assist individuals and families.  This ministry is led by Elder Adrian Brand, a single mother who has seen her share of turbulent times yet always has an effective word and a smile for those that are less fortunate!  The program is able to offer immediate resources through partnerships with other Church ministries and Charlotte area agencies.

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Night Court is a midnight basketball program at New Life Fellowship that began 16 years ago.  The vision for this program was birthed out of the desire to create an opportunity that would keep young men off of the streets at night.  It later turned into a counseling, job placement, College Prep and High School Completion Program.  The young men gather at approximately 10pm nightly and play basketball, chess, pool and other game activities inside our multipurpose facility.  Counselors are strategically placed throughout the building to assist, encourage and inspire our future leaders!  Through this program many young men have successfully turned their lives around and become contributing citizens in the community.

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prayer ministry


The Gift of Intercession is prayer that pleads with God for your needs and the needs of others. But as Pastor of New Life Fellowship I teach it’s much more than that. Intercession involves taking hold of God’s will and refusing to let go until His will comes to pass. I’m convinced Intercession is warfare. It is the key to God’s battle plan for our lives. Ephesians 6:12 teaches the battleground is not of this earth. It shares, “We are not fighting against humans. We are fighting against forces and authorities and against rulers of darkness and spiritual powers in the heavens above” (Eph. 6:12).  Our Intercessors meet weekly and they are a integral, strategic part of our successful ministry!

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